FAQ: Ontology New Governance and Staking Economic Model

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Ontology Triones Node Operation

How much do I need to own my own Ontology node?

Ontology has lowered the minimum stake requirement to become a candidate node from 100,000 ONT to 10,000 ONT after July 7.

Therefore, it only takes 10,000 ONT and 500 ONG to start running your own Ontology node under the new governance and staking economy mode.

What are the hardware requirements for Triones node deployment?

  • 8C / 32G/ 500GB
  • Fixed IP address, a stable connection with AWS and Google Cloud in North America

How to find the latest status of all nodes?

You can check the latest status of Ontology Triones nodes and its annual yield by visiting our official node website here.

Are there any guides or tutorials I can follow to deploy or operate a node?

You can find all the latest nodes related guides and announcements on our Telegram Triones Announcements channel.

Staking on Ontology

What’s the minimum staking requirements to stake on Ontology?

In order to allow more stakers to participate and earn ONG rewards, the minimum stake requirements has been lowered from 500 ONT to 1 ONT.

How to calculate the staking incentive?

You can following the staking incentive calculation guide to calculating the incentives for your nodes or the incentives you earn as a staker.

Why there is an increase in ONG network fees?

With the new governance and staking economic model, the ONG fee per transaction will be increased from 0.01 ONG to 0.05 ONG (five-fold), which gives sakers a much higher chance to earn more from network fees.

Why the staking yield of users fluctuates in real-time?

The staking yield of users is affected by:

  • network operation & staking status
  • fee-sharing ratio set by the nodes
  • node ranking (only top 49 nodes can receive the Foundation bonus)
  • ONT and ONG price

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at We will continue to update more FAQs in this article.

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