IoTeX Project Updates №24 {April 8 — May 10, 2020}

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IoTeX Project Updates №24 {April 8 — May 10, 2020}

Greetings our dear supporters! We are back with the Project Update Report. As always, it’s busy times at IoTeX as we have shipped out the first batch of Ucam’s, preparing for launching it on Amazon in May/June, released a new community grants initiative, announced partnerships, and made a lot of tech progress. Find out more about what we have been up to in this report!

Tech & Development

IoTeX Halo Program — Community Grants to Fuel the Internet of Trusted Things

Halo — the official grants program for the IoTeX Network! With the upcoming launch of Mainnet GA, the IoTeX platform is more performant and developer-friendly than ever — we are now ready to welcome the world to build the Internet of Trusted Things on IoTeX. Full details on Halo

Redesigning Trust: Blockchain for Supply Chains

Over the past year, IoTeX worked with the World Economic Forum and 100+ organizations to develop a toolkit for the responsible deployment of blockchain in supply chains. We look forward to supporting the continuous development of this toolkit to transform the global supply chain industry. Find out more about the Toolkit Launch

IoTeX joins Amazon and Huawei as the new Co-chairs of the Blockchain Task Group of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC)

The IIC consists of 300+ leading technology organizations. IoTeX has contributed to the IIC since 2018, and this appointment as Blockchain Co-chair marks a major step forward in our enterprise efforts. Let’s show them what blockchain is all about! Full details in our blog

Ucam — May Update

Who says blockchain-based products can’t be functional? Ucam delivers privacy AND an amazing user experience — see for yourself in our new Ucam App preview video. Full details in our blog

Mainnet GA Native Staking v2

IoTeX is kicking off a month of Mainnet GA announcements with Native Staking v2 (nsv2) — a new scalable, secure, and flexible design! Our new transaction-based design will make staking and voting with native $IOTX cheaper, faster, and easier than ever. Read the full details

Hermes 2.0 is Officially LIVE and Open Source

IoTeX is proud to launch Hermes 2.0, an automated and trusted rewards distribution system developed by the IoTeX Foundation (core-dev) for IoTeX Delegates and voters! Learn more

Dev &Tech Summary

IoTeX is once again in the Top 25 most active crypto projects by Flipside Crypto, which shows just how hard the IoTeX Core Team (core-dev) has been working. In the past few weeks, the core-dev has been focusing primarily on rolling out Mainnet v0.11, preparing the release of Mainnet v0.12, Ucam Beta Testing, and other ongoing initiatives. Read the full report

Attention Hardware users

As we shared in our Mainnet GA Migration Plan last month, we will be migrating all stake/votes on Ethereum to IoTeX as part of Mainnet GA. If you stake using a hardware wallet (e.g., Ledger, Trezor), you may require special handling to complete your migration. We have created a new thread outlining your specific options + instructions.

IoTeX In the Media

“Tech Titan Patents Mean We Have To Get Serious About Data Privacy” — IBT

Community Initiatives & Campaigns

IPFS Pinning Summit

IoTeX Co-founder Raullen shared how IoTeX + IPFS are enabling decentralized privacy and user data ownership with Ucam.
AMA w/Founders — May 13
IoTeX Anniversary Meme Campaign

Exactly one year ago, IoTeX Mainnet Alpha was launched, and to celebrate this, we are launching a new campaign for our community! Create an original meme that is fun and IoTeX related. Detailed instructions

🎁 Over 200,000 IOTX in prizes
April 23, 12 AM PST — May 8, 2 AM PST

“When Privacy Hits Home” — a special report by IoTeX

Smart devices like Amazon Ring & Google Nest are watching and listening to us in our homes 24/7 — with unprecedented access to our homes and data, Big Tech has plans to control more of our daily lives and eliminate ‘privacy at home’ as we know it. IoTeX explores the current and future impacts of ‘when privacy hits home’ in this must-read report! Download the report today

“How to Protect Your Smart Home in 2020” — a webinar by IoTeX, NKN, and OwnYourData Foundation

In this webinar, we explained the inner workings of today’s smart homes (e.g., devices, data, connectivity) and common vulnerabilities. We also shared how emerging tech like blockchain and secure hardware will power your future smart home. Watch the full webinar on-demand now

Livestream AMA w/Founders from April 9, 2020

Summary of the Livestream AMA is now published on our forum & the video is available for those who missed the livestream!

“Not all encryption is created equal”

This is why Ucam and future “Powered by IoTeX” devices are so revolutionary. True end-to-end encryption guaranteed by blockchain will secure our future and make us captains of our own data destiny. Learn more in our blog post

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About IoTeX

Founded as an open-source platform in 2017, IoTeX is building the Internet of Trusted Things, where all physical and virtual “things” — humans, machines, businesses, and DApps — can exchange information and value at a global scale.

Backed by a global team of 30+ top research scientists and engineers, IoTeX combines blockchain, secure hardware, and decentralized identity to empower intelligent IoT networks and machine economies. By serving as a decentralized trust fabric for IoT, IoTeX will empower the future decentralized world by “connecting the physical world, block by block”.

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