IoTeX Mainnet GA Announcements

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In 2019, IoTeX launched Mainnet Alpha & Beta, which served as incremental steps toward our biggest milestone yet: Mainnet General Availability (GA). Mainnet GA is more than just a code release — it comprises new governance, tokenomics, technology, and independence for the IoTeX Network. Welcome to the next era of IoTeX!

Throughout April & May, we will be announcing various components of Mainnet GA, based on the following schedule. Stay tuned to our Twitter and Telegram for more official announcements!

Wave 1: Governance

Wave 2: Developers

Wave 3: Technology

Wave 4: Independence Day: June 1, 2020

  • Native Blockchain: migrate all ETH stakes/votes to IoTeX Mainnet
  • Native IOTX: ongoing swap for IOTX-E (ERC20) to Native IOTX
  • See the official Migration Plan thread for more details

Wave 5: Tokenomics

  • Ecosystem: official plans for Ecosystem funds, including tokenomics regarding “Powered by IoTeX” devices (e.g., Ucam)

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