Ignite is migrating to Binance Smart Chain

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Ignite will enter the public beta stage already tomorrow, on the 8th of July! Right from the start, it will be working on a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) storing all data on Arweave decentralized storage and utilizing Sia Skynet as a primary CDN.

Despite that Ignite will be fully operated on Binance smart chain already next day, we still will be duplicating everything to Ethereum plasma in case of emergency, until BSC main net release.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a nonprofit decentralized microblogging service built on Prometeus protocol. It allows everyone to share their mind freely via texts and media files. Technically, Ignite represents a set of independent and equitable nodes.

Ignite mission is to fight censorship and stand for freedom of speech. Due to its architecture, Ignite won’t be governed by anyone and could not be blocked by any form of barrier or firewall.

More about Ignite.
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Why did we decide to migrate?

Each blockchain has its own advantages and disadvantages and it is important to make sure, that they won’t become a bottleneck for future project development and growth. Ethereum network has several issues that are critical for Ignite architecture:

  1. situations when the price of one transaction exceed from 1$ limit, which is totally unacceptable for us;
  2. Ethereum network is slow. Sometimes it takes a significant amount of time to make a transaction, which may cause Ignite loading delays;
  3. To be used for Ignite purposes, Ethereum requires additional technical solutions (such as plasma fo e.x.) which leads to the reduction of decentralization level.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, we had to migrate to another blockchain, which is BSC.

How does it work?

Let’s imagine that you decided to post your favorite picture on your Ignite account:

  1. After you’ve made a post with your favorite picture, it is being downloaded on the node that you are connected to;
  2. Every 2 minutes all new data (pics, comments, likes, and other user actions) on your node is collected to a “data chunk” and uploaded to Arweave storage, which generates a unique data hash;
  3. Ignite node writes that hash to the Binance Smart Chain (Ignite activity contract), which ensures global data integrity;

Now let’s take a look from the user authentication perspective:

  1. Once you registered on Ignite, the node generates a unique hash, which will be recorded to BSC on behalf of the user’s wallet (Ignite user contract);
  2. That is the user actual password’s hash, which is used in auth procedure in order to provide more security and prevent identity theft;
  3. If the user would like to change his password or forgot it, he can use his ERC/BEP wallet associated with the account in order to create a new hash record on BSC;

NOTE! if you don’t trust ignite node, you can generate account hash yourself, instructions for that are located in Sign-up section

Why Binance Smart Chain?

First of all, BSC provides way better performance than the Ethereum network, which is too busy with their migration on the PoS algorithm. Secondly, the BSC is more affordable.

We are also interested in the combined Deputy Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Proof-of-Authority (PoA) consensus. As with Ignite user base growth, we will be facing extreme network overloads, which can be solved by the Binance chain consensus algorithm.

Every activity of each user within our System must be signed by a unique hash associated with that activity in order to prevent any possible impersonations or any kind of stealing user’s identity. That’s why the fastest consensus is required. Ignite has been able to manage that issue so far, but later it will be an absolute bottleneck, which we will meet at 1M users.

BSC also provides the Token Binding mechanism, which will allow Ignite nodes to pay PROM tokens for data stored in Arweave. Those tokens will be seamlessly converted to AR and used as an immediate payment to Arweave nodes.

Ignite nodes are already deployed to BSC and you can find our aggregated smart contract here. Additional nodes will be deployed and announced on the 8th of July together with our public beta launch. We will also support authentication via BEP wallets shortly after public beta release.

According to our calculations, Ignite will generate over 100 000 transactions on BSC already for the first month. This number will grow together with new nodes deployment. That will allow Ignite to become and secure “the most active BSC Dapp” status right after public beta release.

About Prometeus Protocol

Prometeus is a secure and decentralized protocol that allows fully trustless and anonymous data exchange and storage. Prometeus is layer two, so it can be implemented by the majority of existing blockchains.

Our primary goal is to utilize the public blockchain to achieve a decentralized, trustless, and censorship-resistant framework for exchange/share data across various fields and implementations. Our current implementations include data trading/sharing marketplace and firewall resistant social media solutions.

Do not miss the Ignite public beta release! To know more about Prometeus protocol, Ignite and BSC, please follow links below, subscribe to our social media and stay up to date:

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