‘instantswap’ Beta Launched

TTC | 07.06| 36

Today, instant swap is launched to the public as a beta service that swaps coins and tokens or between tokens in Acorn Box instantly. Instant swap is used in the Tigris Stablecoin Staking Service to swap between ACN and CUSD. Instantswap will be further developed as various services in AcornBox and TTC Connect.

Instant swap will handle all the trading through TDEX, providing an organic increase of liquidity as well as interoperability among services. With instant swap, services and projects running on different tokens can work together seamlessly. Also, services, which use various tokens simultaneously, can be developed easily. For example, Users can use CLAY staking service on Tigris protocol with ACN earned from WorkBox. Also, TTC Pay can offer various payment options (e.g. a payment paid in TTC can be settled in ACN).

We expect to increase the liquidity in the TTC ecosystem through instant swap. High liquidity in services will expand the TTC ecosystem in the long run.

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