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Welcome to Prometeus monthly digest for June! Last month was the final one for private beta of Ignite. In this digest we will share what is going to happen next and walk through recap of the last month.

News recap

Ignite will open doors for everyone already on 8th of July with 7 nodes located in a different parts of the world. You will be able to switch between them and use the closest one in order to decrease delays.

On a lunch date ignite will work support all core features: likes, reposts, comments etc. and topics. However topic following will be disabled for a couple of weeks from the launch date, because we still need to perform some tests. Ignite mobile app will become available for everyone shortly after public beta launch.

Please note! Public beta is not a release version of Ignite. You can expect some glitches and bugs. Go easy on us and help us to spot them. We will also work on a architecture and speed improvements after public beta launch.

We also wanted to thank all our private beta testers, who was using Ignite for last two months. You helped us a lot and contributed to development of a censorship free space.

You can also expect some visual changes on Prometeus and Ignite websites in a coming dates, as well as aggregated Prometeus business explorer, which will collect all transaction for both: Ignite and Stoa.

Before public beta release we will announce two other changes in our core architecture which will help us to fix the scalability issues and provide better user experience. So stay tuned for updates.

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