MovieBloc producing original movie through subsidiary, MBL Media with Hollywood team

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Hello MovieBloc Community,

MovieBloc announces the business expansion through its subsidiary MBL Media (CEO Ahn Hong Joo) with the production of its own animation film ‘Nullaboo Hullabaloo’. MBL Media signed a worldwide exclusive options contract in April on the development and production of animated films for the original novel Nullaboo Hullabaloo (2019) by Australian best-selling author Fleur Ferris.

The film series development and production of the novel will be conducted in collaboration with the U.S. and Australia, led by Korea, and will be joined by the best teams in Hollywood, including Peter Lepeniotis, Nut Job director and writer, and Jang Lee, who have been active as a designer in major studios such as Disney and Pixar, including Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Rapunzel.

Peter is the author and director of the first Asian independent animation film, Nut Job (2014), which has recorded the highest box office and has never been broken since its release. Previously, as Disney and Pixar animators, he participated in Toy Story, Casper, Fantasia, etc. and later worked as a director and screenwriter for Netflix film Gnome Alone in 2017 and now he is active in Toronto. In addition, Australian original author Fleur Ferris is participating as a script consultant, and Australian director and producer David Gim and Tristan Barr are participating as producers.

MBL Media, an affiliate of MovieBloc, has discovered the original work of Nullaboo led by Korea and collaborated with teams from the United States and Australia. Through this opportunity, MBL media will show an international cooperative model as a content powerhouse.

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