Upbit Safe, A Crypto-Custodial Service For Enterprises, Supports TTC

TTC | 07.01| 31

DXM, the operator of Upbit Safe, joins in as the TTC Ecosystem Partner

Upbit Safe is a crypto-custodial service for enterprises, operated by DXM under a partnership with Upbit. Through this partnership, enterprises now can safely store their TTC.

Backed by the blockchain technology, Upbit Safe offers a high level of security with key following features:

  • Multi-level Authentication: The withdrawal process is initiated only when there is a consent between multiple individuals pre-registered and approved by the enterprise.
  • Decentralized Cold Wallets: The fund is further protected through multisig technology and cold wallets.
  • Detailed Security Protocol: The security protocol also includes various user friendly safety nets such as daily withdrawal limit and withdrawal timeouts.
“As the TTC Ecosystem Partner, we are excited not only to offer a safe and secure way to store TTC, but also to participate in the TTC consensus as one of the TTC Representatives.”

To strengthen the partnership, DXM also joined in as the TTC Representative. As the TTC Representative, DXM will participate in the network operation. We welcome DXM as the TTC Ecosystem Partner to build safer networks for billions. Currently, the TTC Foundation trusts 15 million TTC of its Ecosystem Fund to Upbit Safe. We will continue to partner up with key industry leaders to expand the TTC Ecosystem.

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