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ONTO, Ontology’s self-sovereign data wallet, is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data.

This month, Ontology launched a new version of ONTO, including new features to enhance data management. Below, we have answered the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) pertaining to ONTO and ONT ID.

New ONTO features include

  • Fast transfer of assets through ONT ID
  • Making it easier to find other users and transfer assets
  • ONTO Claims: Own your data through verifiable claims and digital certifications


  • How to add a contact:
  • How to create and send a claim
  • How to endorse a claim:

ONTO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is ONTO?

ONTO, Ontology’s self-sovereign data wallet, is a one-stop mobile application for the management of your digital identity, data, and assets, giving users the power to control the value of their data.

2. Where can I download ONTO?

ONTO can be easily downloaded via Android on Google Play or APK file, and via iOS on the App Store and TestFlight mobile smartphones.

3. What is ONT ID?

ONT ID is Ontology’s decentralized framework for helping users control their data and identity. ONT ID allows users to securely manage their digital identity by storing it on a phone or on trusted cloud storage with a private key that grants access only to verified users.

4. Is my ONT ID related to my wallet?

Your ONT ID is linked to your ONTO wallet, enabling streamlined management of your identity, data, and digital assets.

5. Can I send ONT to my ONT ID?

Yes. Each user on the Ontology blockchain has a unique digital identity to which assets can be transferred. Assets can be transferred via users’ ONT ID address, mobile number, and email.

6. What is ONTO’s new Claim‘ s feature? What are Self-Sovereign Claims?

ONTO’s new verified claims feature gives users the ability to own and manage their data. Verified claims will be recorded and stored on ONTO, and successfully authenticated information will generate a unique and tamper-proof hash value to be stored on the Ontology blockchain.

ONTO’s new identity verification feature will increase trust and security on the ONTO platform. In the future, these features will be used to verify everything from users’ academic credentials to their financial or health status. Claim issuance and revocation will be authenticated through third-party verification including by individuals, organizations, and/or enterprises

Data related questions

1. Why can’t I create my ONT ID?

If you are having trouble creating an ONT ID, try the following:

a. Switch your network (switch between WiFi and 4G network)

b. Restart ONTO

c. Ensure there are no unnecessary spaces when you enter your wallet name and password. The name must be within 12 characters and the password must be within 15 characters.

2. Why does ONTO require permission to access my mobile number and photos after creating an ONT ID?

ONTO requires permission to access your mobile number and photos for you to link your mobile number and for you to be able to upload QR codes.

As a decentralized application, ONTO has never accessed, saved, or leaked any users’ information, including users’ mobile numbers and contacts, and will never do so. ONTO will only ever use permissions to access users’ device ID.

3. What’s the difference between ONT Score and ONTO Points?

The ONT Score system is ONTO’s decentralized review system for ONT ID user trust.ONTO Points refers to ONTO’s exclusive points system for ONTO users. You can find information in ONTO.

Assets related questions

1. How many assets are currently available on ONTO?

a. There are over 1000 types of tokens currently available on ONTO, including ONT, NEO, ETH, and KLAY, as well as the majority of the ERC-20 tokens launched on Ethereum and OEP-4 tokens launched on Ontology;

b. ONTO features more than 20 OEP-5 and ERC-721 NFT type tokens, including HyperDragons Go! and CryptoKitties;

c. ONTO has a separate section for quick access to 10 major stablecoins, including PAX, DAI, and USDT.

2. What asset management features are currently available on ONTO?

a. ONTO supports FBG, Babel Finance, and other ONTO financial products;

b. You can access NFT trading markets, including OpenSea and mime, from within ONTO;

c. ONTO has an on-chain address activity monitor service for OEP-4 tokens.

3. I transferred ETH in ONTO and have received confirmation that the transaction is complete, why haven’t I received the funds yet?

Congestion on the Ethereum network sometimes means that while the transaction has been completed in ONTO, the transaction status is still pending on the Ethereum network. If this occurs, please click on the transaction details and confirm the transaction status in your browser. Alternatively, you can resend the transaction with a higher transaction fee.

If you have any problems when using ONTO, please contact us via

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