Ankr partner Harmony adds 320 new Validator slots

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Over concerns of centralization, long time partner Harmony has recently announced the doubling of their Validator slots in two stages:

  • Phase 1 will increase the current 320 slots to 480 at epoch 208, which will be around June 23rd
  • Phase 2 from 480 to 640 at epoch 213, around July 1st

An accelerated timeline to decentralization

While an increasing of open slots was already on the Harmony timeline and slotted for later this year, the currently prohibitive median stake of over 10,600,000 ONE tokens made it hard for smaller validators to participate.

The Harmony Team believed the time-sensitivity of the centralization issue can not wait longer, and has taken action now.

Increasing of slots should reduce the median stake by around 50%, facilitating decentralization of the network security and allowing smaller validators to participate!

Other topics stated in the blog post are:

  • Tokenomics model remains unchanged at 28 ONE’s per block.
  • The maximum of 106 slots limit per validator remains fixed.

These changes further promote decentralization, making now the perfect time for new validators to begin participating.

Now is the perfect time to start staking with Ankr

This change in the network presents a unique opportunity for those looking to enter early on an innovative token with a current expected return of over 12%.

Just like our other supported protocols, deploying a node with Harmony is extremely easy with our updated step by step guide.

Unique built staking UI for Harmony Validators.

In addition to our unique, custom built staking dashboard for Harmony Validators, our pricing is very attractive. Compared to other staking platforms (like Figment, which charges 600.00 USD per month+ 10% commission), we charge an industry-leading 29.00 USD per month!

Over 300 Harmony Open Staking testnet nodes have already been hosted on our platform, and we expect that number to rise as people continue looking for the most cost effective and intuitive solution for not only Harmony but 35+ other supported protocols.

Changes to the network are expected to take effect on July 1st, so head on over to our platform to get your Harmony node deployed within 5 minutes!


You can find the most relevant FAQ’s and interact directly with our customer service agents at, or contact the admins in our official Telegram Node Support group

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