OGQ and Kaiyun Have Recorded More Than 217,000 Enterprise Data on Ontology’s Platform So Far

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In April and May 2020, we have announced cooperations with OGQ, global social creator platform, and Kaiyun, a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries. The collaboration will allow OGQ to leverage the Ontology blockchain to increase copyright protection for its content creators and for Kaiyun, the efficiency of urban deliveries will be enhanced, and the execution costs will be lowered.

Cointelegraph and IT TIMES have reported about the cooperation.

Here is the progress in detail:


So far, a total of 26,218 enterprise data has been recorded on-chain.


190,853 enterprise data has been recorded, which will be convenient for other logistics and motor enterprises to check and trace during the working process.

Ontology and Kaiyun Delivery will jointly formulate specific plans to improve the transport capacity, promoting the launch of dApps and product iterations, and continue to explore the new future of blockchain to empower the new energy vehicle industry and transportation industry.

Ontology will continue to further its progress in transforming traditional industries with its blockchain technology, make it possible for them to break through into the new era.

More details can be found on the websites in real-time. Ontology will keep moving forward with the on-chain data record for enterprises from all kinds of industries, thus contributing to an open and transparent trust ecosystem and the entire society.

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