First major update for Ignite

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First of all, let us thank you for your outstanding support. Without your feedback, we couldn’t have done such significant progress in the development.

We have released the first version of Ignite with basic functions 5 weeks ago and since that it has been significantly improved, so now it’s time to our first major update which will be available for the public on the 20th of June. Let’s compare what we had upon private beta launch and what we have now.

Private beta

  • Authorization/registration with private key;
  • Post;
  • Repost;
  • Comment;
  • Pictures attachment.

Basically, during the first stage of private beta, we didn’t even have a properly working user profile and search. A lot of features were in a test mode or even turned off.

Ignite v1.2

General updates:

  • UI/UX improvements;
  • Integration with Skynet;
  • Ethereum plasma solution;
  • Sync time reduction from 1 day (for blockchain) — 1 hour (for BTFS) to 1 hour (for blockchain) to 5 minutes (for BTFS);
  • Prom wallet integration for a mobile app;
  • User search;
  • Minor updates and bug fixes;
  • Spam protection;

Mobile app:

We started to develop the first version of Ignite mobile app together with a private beta launch, in order to release it with a public beta. Upon a launch, Ignite mobile app will be available only for android based devices, IOS app will be released later.

The first 100 users already received access to our app. Currently, it fully synchronized with the web version with all available functions. In addition to that, it is already integrated with PROM wallet. Let us know if you are curious how do we authenticate users on a mobile app from a technical standpoint, we may release a detailed article about that.

Ignite mobile app v1.0

Features and Pages:

  • Notification page: be the first one to know when someone interacts with your posts;
Notification page
  • Featured users — explore and follow people based on your interest;
Featured users
  • Topic following — follow treads same as you follow people and explore the hottest topics around the globe;
Topic following

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