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Welcome to our May Digest! Last month was very special for the Prometeus Labs team and our community: we announced two new products, did a rebranding, and significantly improved our core technology.

News recap


To be honest, we did not expect, to see such results in the first month of the private beta stage. Let’s start with Ignite in numbers (From 2nd of May to 31st of May):

Private beta applications: 3 398
Total users: 750
Daily active users (average): 276
Posts: 23 424
Comments: 6 034
Likes: 174 231
BTFS data chunks: 2 511
Blockchain transactions: 2 511

First of all, let us clarify, why the number of blockchain transactions equals BTFS data chunks: initially we launched Ignite on ethereum mainnet, but due to unexpected demand from your side we faced the problem of high gas fees. That is why we were forced to lower the frequency of synchronizations from 5 minutes to 1 hour for BTFS (and 1 day for Ethereum mainnet) and to created ethereum plasma solution as soon as possible.

In-house, plasma solution has already been finished and will start to work already from Monday, which will allow us to get back from 1-hour syncs to 5-minute ones. We are also considering migration to other blockchains, but it is more important for us to finish Ignite core features development as soon as possible.

Technical update:

  1. Private API now available upon request;
  2. In-house built Ethereum plasma solution;
  3. Database replication for each node;
  4. Skynet dCDN integration.

Features update:

  1. Topic following — follow treads same as you follow people and explore the hottest topics around the globe;
  2. “Who to follow” — explore and follow people based on your interest;
  3. Notifications;
  4. Mobile Android App;
  5. Prom wallet integration to the mobile app.

And many other things. Read detailed information about Ignite updates in our next article.


  • Private API v.1.04;
  • UX/UI improvements;
  • Stoa transactions explorer;

Currently, Prometeus Labs focuses on Ignite development, but we are have not forgotten about Stoa. At the current version, it is available for private use, send us an e-mail, if you are interested in —

A couple of days ago we’ve started an integration for our first institutional client, located in Germany. However, we can not announce name of the company right now due to NDA. Please stay tuned for updates.

Another update is that Prometeus Protocol now supports Skynet CDN and BTFS for both, Stoa and Ignite, as well as other future products.

Stay with us:

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