Ontology Weekly Report (June 1–8)

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Ahead of the 2-year-anniversary of the Ontology MainNet, this week we are delighted to share exciting news regarding the release of ONT ID 2.0.

This week’s topics:

Ontology 2.0 / ONT ID 2.0 / DeFi / New Token Model / Transparency

- 30% of Token Model code upgrade complete
- 30% of decentralized governance complete
- The Ontology-specific integration on bloXroute is undergoing performance testing in a cloud environment

Product Development
### ONTO v2.9.2
- added ONT address monitoring function
- UI optimization
- Upgrades to the Japanese version, including user experience optimization

- Completed 70% of the v2.3.0 joint debugging and commissioning

- 61 dApps live on Ontology
- 5,389,764 total transactions complete, an increase of 50,818 transactions

Bounty Program
- Seeking Python SDK community developers
- 2 new applications for Technical Documentation Translation
- 2 new ideas formally submitted by the Ontology community

Community Growth
- Welcomed 707 new members across Ontology’s Bengali, Hindi, Spanish, and Korean communities
- Newly founded Portuguese, French, Swedish, and South African communities

Newly Released
- Ontology 2.0: Layer 2 enabled, accessible, and business ready.
- ONT ID 2.0: Unified account system and single sign-on services to manage and verify credentials, such as academic credits and graduation certificates, across multiple platforms.
- Joined forces with Flipside Crypto to bring new levels of transparency to the Ontology ecosystem
- Announced a new collaboration with Kaiyun Delivery, a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries
- New exciting partnerships with leading blockchain-based games My Crypto Heroes and Brave Frontier Heroes

Global Events
- Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, spoke at Mainnet 2020 by Messari, where he introduced future plans and development processes for Ontology 2.0. Ontology was honored to collaborate with Messari, a leading global research institution and one of our partners.
- Li Jun was also invited to speak on the Block 101×TokenClub Live Series 26 Broadcast. He outlined the original intention of founding Ontology — to provide the best-decentralized identity data and underlying technology service
- Ontology supported CryptoMondays Madrid’s first roundtable forum, which kicked off on June 1st. BD Director of Binance Spanish, President of POOLIN, and the CEO of CryptoBuyer discussed the topic “2 Weeks After Halving: What has happened and what can we expect for 2021”

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