Send Ankr tokens as easy as a text message with UniFyre Wallet

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Technology doesn’t always have to be complicated.

With more and more people joining in the blockchain revolution, mass adoption could face serious challenges when it comes to user experience.

That’s where Ankr and Ferrum Network’s UniFyre come in. With Ankr’s simple and intuitive node hosting solutions, anyone: even those without any technical background, can deploy a blockchain node in a few easy steps.

This is how we imagine blockchain technology: simple, fast, reliable.

The challenge

One example of an adoption bottleneck is with cryptocurrency addresses. Wallet addresses have always been a headache for newer cryptocurrency adopters.

With UniFyre’s revolutionary Link Drop technology, users can send crypto to anyone, over any medium, using a simple link with a readable identifier: your username. What does that mean? A transaction process that’s as simple as sending a text message.

It is precisely this kind of vision for the future of decentralized applications that Ankr supports and is committed to build forward, and we are proud to announce that we are the first Listed Partner by UniFyre.

As a first step in this collaboration, Ankr tokens will be added to the UniFyre wallet, enabling native deposits, withdrawals, and Link Drop technology.

Looking forward

Subsequent updates on the UniFyre mainnet will integrate Ankr tokens into the UniFyre Wallet P2P fiat/altcoin trading platform. Once live, users can easily buy and sell Ankr peer-to-peer using local fiat currencies without going through a centralized exchange.

In the coming hours, the ANKR ERC-20 token will be added to the UniFyre Wallet, enabling deposits, withdrawals and of course Link Drop technology. Then in the next few days, the Ankr List Drop and snapshot time for FRM holders to qualify for the Listing Drop will be announced.

Once the Ferrum mainnet is launched, we will look into offering Ferrum Network as a node hosting option on Ankr’s platform alongside industry giants such as Binance Chain, Celo, Polkadot, and Ethereum 2.0.

Along the road, we will be exploring further integrations to host Ferrum’s own nodes on the Ankr distributed cloud infrastructure to make their network more stable and decentralized.

Download the UniFyre app for IOS or Android.

Stay tuned for more updates through our official channels!

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