Ignite, a decentralized social network, built using Skynet

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Prometeus Labs is excited to be working with Nebulous to create the first censorship-free decentralized social media — Ignite, which is integrated with Skynet.

What is Ignite?

Ignite is a nonprofit decentralized microblogging service built on Prometeus protocol. It allows everyone to share their mind freely via texts and media files. Technically, Ignite represents a set of independent and equitable nodes.

Ignite mission is to fight censorship and stand for freedom of speech. Due to its architecture, Ignite won’t be governed by anyone and could not be blocked by any form of barrier or firewall (even the Chinese one).

More about Ignite.

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What is a CDN?

CDN (Content delivery network) — is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and performance by distributing the service spatially relative to end-users.

Why Ignite needs CDN?

Ignite itself is a set of independent and equitable nodes, all of each has to store content and deliver it to users. It is impractical and expensive to store everything locally on every node.

On the other hand, integration with CDN significantly decreases page loading time and improves overall user experience.

The mission of Ignite is to reach maximum decentralization level as possible, that is why we chose Sia Skynet — the first decentralized CDN.

Sia was one of the very first pioneers in providing decentralized data storage, delivery, and web hosting solutions, that is why we are confident in the quality of their product and proud to work with their team to reach our common goals.

In order to provide multi-platform choice for our protocol adapters, Sia distributed data storage will also be integrated into prometeus in the near future.

Prometeus Labs and Nebulous Teams will show outstanding support for each other in terms of business and technical cooperation.

What is Sia?

Sia is the leading decentralized cloud storage platform. Its technology connects users who need file storage with hosts worldwide offering underutilized hard drive capacity. Blockchain technology secures its data and enables improved economics for users and hosts.

The Sia blockchain allows this marketplace to run without an intermediary. Sia secures storage transactions with smart contracts, creating a more reliable and affordable offering when compared to traditional cloud providers. No one person or organization can censor or deny access to data — not miners, not developers, nor any government. Sia’s distributed, decentralized storage technology is stronger, more secure, more efficient, and more equitable for the entire ecosystem.

More about Sia.

More about Skynet

Skynet is a permanent home for data and applications. It’s an unbiased substrate where files and applications can be deployed that will long outlast their original uploader. Much like Bitcoin, Skynet is an independent organism that operates on marketplaces and incentive structures, rather than cloud servers and human intervention.

The simplest thing that can be deployed on Skynet is a file. Take for example this video. The video is being pinned by a Skynet user, and as a result, the video is available to the entire world. At any point in time, someone can reinforce the video by pinning it themselves. So long as a single person chooses to pin the video, that video will remain online and available to the world. That person does not even need to stay online. Skynet has an infrastructure for hosting the video and ensuring both high uptime and smooth playback.

Explore more use cases of Skynet in Sia Blog.

About Prometeus Protocol

Prometeus is a secure and decentralized protocol that allows fully trustless and anonymous data exchange and storage. Prometeus is layer two, so it can be implemented by the majority of existing blockchains. Our primary goal is to utilize the public blockchain to achieve a decentralized, trustless, and censorship-resistant framework for exchange/share data across various fields and implementations. Our current implementations include data trading/sharing marketplace and firewall resistant social media solutions.

We will share more technical information about Ignite and Skynet integration in upcoming articles. To know more about Prometeus protocol and Sia, please follow links below, subscribe to our social media and stay up to date:

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