[Event] 21st KWFF X MovieBloc — Airdrop Event

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[Event] 21st KWFF X MovieBloc — Airdrop Event

Hello MovieBloc Community,

We are happy to announce upcoming airdrop event celebrating first MovieBloc’s Online Film Festival with Kaywon High School of Arts!

The 21st KWFF is on MovieBloc for 10 days, exhibiting 16 films as world premiere. So far, these 16 films made over 10k views, and we want to make this online film festival more fun with below event!

[Event Details]

  • Event Period: June 2nd (Tue) — June 7th (Sun)
  • How to Participate:
    1) Watch at least 2 movies on KWFF (go to KWFF page)
    2) Rate movies and write comments- either review or questions to directors- after watching
    3) Submit username and title of movies watched in Google Form. (here)
  • Winners:
    32 Winners (16 movies* 2 winners) will receive $10 USD worth of MBL each!
  • Winning Tips:
    Higher chance of winning according to users’ activities (views, ratings, comments, etc)


Don’t forget to rate the movies you watched during KWFF! The top 2 most well-recieved (rates, reviews, etc.) films will be nominated for next Moviebloc Pick.

Thank you
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