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Grow your digital assets anywhere anytime

Today, WorkBox will be open to the public as a beta service. WorkBox is a crowdwork platform, where anyone can create value online and earn the rewards in return, in real-time. WorkBox will initially provide the data collection/annotation service for AI and Machine Learning (ML) projects.

Acorn Box users can complete data annotation tasks anywhere, anytime to earn rewards in real-time. Update Acorn Box to the latest version and launch WorkBox to start growing your assets.

It requires no KYC, no screening, no application.

WorkBox Beta also incorporated a unique referral mechanism to incentivize users to grow the WorkBox network.

[Note: During the beta period, the amount of the rewards is set conservatively. We plan to run the beta test by the end of June. The full rewards will be distributed with the official launch.]

Explaining WorkBox Referral Mechanism

You can contribute and earn rewards by completing the tasks yourself or you can earn rewards by promoting WorkBox to others and guiding them for successful onboarding.

It works simply by: (1)invite friends to grow your ‘network’, and (2)earn a bonus for every task your network members complete.


  1. Invite. First, start by sharing your referral code with others. When an Acorn Box user enters your referral code in WorkBox, he/she will be included in your WorkBox network.
  2. Earn 1st Network Bonus. When members of your WorkBox network earn rewards (by completing tasks), you also receive Network Bonus, which is equivalent to 5% of total rewards earned by your WorkBox network members.
    [Note: The Network Bonus is NOT deducted from your network members’ rewards.]
  3. Earn 2nd Network Bonus. Additionally, you receive Network Bonus, which is equivalent to 1% of total rewards earned by your WorkBox network members’ WorkBox network.

A brief example to help your understanding

Alice, a WorkBox user, invites Bob to sign up for WorkBox. Bob signed in using Alice’s referral code. Later, Bob encouraged his friends Miranda, Joseph, and Mark to earn rewards in WorkBox. All of them signed in using Bob’s referral code. Here is a summary of what happened.

Alice has 1 member in her WorkBox network, Bob, who has has 3 members in his WorkBox network (Miranda, Joseph, Mark)

As a result, Alice will earn Network Bonus whenever Bob, Miranda, Joseph, and Mark complete tasks, as follows:

As its scale and density grow, the Acorn Protocol will transform the way people collaborate, contribute, and (ultimately) work on the Internet. We are launching the WorkBox to lead that change within the Acorn Ecosystem.

Stay tuned by following the official Twitter and Telegram of Acorn Protocol.

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