Introducing the new Acorn Protocol

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Powering the Network Economy and Communities

In the revised roadmap for 1H 2020, we announced that we are expanding the concept of the Acorn Protocol from the ‘Social Networking Protocol’ to the ‘Network Economy Protocol’.

Today, as the official website was updated, we will explain in details about this new update.

First, What is the ‘Network Economy’?

Over the past decade, we have witnessed significant changes in how people and businesses connect to each other. On the one hand, there are Social networking services: people-to-people networks. They have enabled billions of people to collaborate in ways that we could not imagine decades ago. On the other hand, there are business networks, which have enabled new types of frictionless commerce.

Today, we are seeing the border between these two networks collapsing, merging into multilayered, highly interactive, real-time connections among people, devices, and businesses. These connections, when combined with the power of mobile and cloud, provide the foundation for a new way of collaboration and communication.

The network economy means new opportunities for collaboration and customization for everyone. We will see more disruptive business models where anyone can contribute to the growth of the business and claim the value of his/her contribution.

The new Acorn Protocol

We kickstarted this project, initially focusing on the social network (people network). Now the Acorn Protocol will embrace the business network as well to fully cover the value generated from all online contributions. We aim to build the Acorn Protocol to be an open, transparent, and sustainable protocol for the network economy. In a nutshell, It is a system where all contributions, no matter how small, must be recognized and rewarded.

With the open, transparent, and immutable characteristics, as well as the token economic model of the TTC Blockchain, the value created by a contributor will be clearly recognized and effectively rewarded in form of the Acorn Token (ACN).

The new Acorn Protocol will be initially integrated into two DAPPs: tata (a social networking platform) and WorkBox.

Meet the New DAPP: ‘WorkBox’

An important addition to the Acorn ecosystem is WorkBox, a crowdwork platform, where anyone can create value online and earn the rewards in return, in real-time.

WorkBox will realize a highly efficient yet low-cost service, combining the benefits of Micropayments, Instant Payment and Smart Contract of TTC blockchain, with following features:

  • Anyone can participate anywhere and anytime
  • The quality of the final works ensured by the consensus mechanism
  • The rewards are distributed instantly with full transparency

WorkBox will initially provide the data collection/annotation service for AI and Machine Learning (ML) projects. WorkBox will handle a large quantity of data in a short period for the clients while providing a new way of making money to participants around the world.

Backed by the transparency and reliability of the TTC Blockchain and the incentives of the token economic model, the Acorn Protocol will empower people all over the world to generate value anywhere and get fair rewards in real-time.

As the growth of scale and density, the Acorn Protocol has the potential to influence and benefit more, and ultimately change the way people live on the Internet.

Stay tuned by following the official Twitter and Telegram of Acorn Protocol.

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About Acorn Protocol
Acorn Protocol is a network eoconomy protocol built on the TTC Blockchain. We aim to build a open, transparent, and sustainable system where all contributions, no matter how small, must be recognized and rewarded.
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