‘Kaywon Film Festival’ will be held from May 29th to June 7th

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The 21st Kaywon Film Festival will run on MovieBloc from May 29th to June 7th. A total of 16 films will be screened during the festival period and online screenings will be held worldwide for free.

> Go to MovieBloc Online Film Festival

> Kaywon Film Festival Program Catalog

Kaywon High School of Arts

Kaywon High School of Arts, founded in 1980, is located in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, South Korea. The school, a subsidiary of PARADISE Group, has famous alumni such as actor Hwang Jung-min, Cho Seung-woo, Joo Won, Jeon Hye-bin, director Bora Kim, Chung Hyun Lee, and so on.

> Support clip from Alumni

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