On the Move: New Adoption of Ontology in the New Energy Logistics Vehicle Industry

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With the increasing concerns on air pollution and energy safety, new energy vehicles (NEVs) start to transform the car industry.

Today, we are very pleased to announce our cooperation with Kaiyun Delivery, a comprehensive logistics service provider focusing on urban transportation and terminal-end deliveries.

This cooperation will be an innovative step for Ontology to empower the new energy vehicle industry with its blockchain technology, improve the efficiency of urban deliveries, and lower the execution costs.

Ontology provides full tech support to Kaiyun Delivery to accelerate the integration of resources on all levels, digitize the behaviors of the participants of the entire chain, enabling information sharing at all links, creating mutual trust among multiple parties, and fully mobilizing industry resources to form a more efficient and easy-to-use transport capacity model.

To be more specific, Kaiyun will fully utilize the leading technologies and resources of Ontology in the blockchain industry, record all related data on the Ontology blockchain via a customized decentralized application (dApp).

  • With the Kaiyun home delivery system, one can check the location of vehicles, drivers, track vehicle paths, and product status in real-time. This helps companies better analyze real-time operations and carry out precise capacity allocation, greatly improving efficiency.
  • The delivery drivers’ behavior information will also be recorded on the blockchain so that their own safety and rights are effectively guaranteed, and at the same time, it provides a scientific reference for the business-level customized delivery system.
  • The delivery status of the delivered goods can be checked in real-time, and any changes in the vehicle paths, temperature, and humidity of the cargo box will be fully transparent which shall lead to greater user experience for the recipients.

Furthermore, Ontology and Kaiyun Delivery will jointly formulate specific plans to improve the transport capacity, promoting the launch of dApps and product iterations, and continue to explore the new future of blockchain to empower the new energy vehicle industry and transportation industry.

Ontology will continue to further its progress in transforming traditional industries with its blockchain technology, make it possible for them to break through into the new era.

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