MBL will be listing on TOKOK Exchange

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Dear MovieBloc Community,

MovieBloc (MBL) will be listing in BTC market at TOKOK Exchange on May 27th 2020. TOKOK is an exchange that provides secure, encrypted digital asset trading, and also accumulates quality project resources and funding limits based on its crowdfunding experience.

The details about the listing are as follows.

  • Trading Pair: MBL/BTC
  • MBL Deposit: 2020.05.25 12:00 (UTC + 8)
  • MBL Transaction: 2020.05.27 12:00 (UTC + 8)
  • MBL Withdrawal: 2020.05.27 12:00 (UTC + 8)


TOKOK is a global and professional Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform, affiliated to Kindly Keep Network Technology Limited It provides Crypto-currencies trading services. Through the professional management team, the platform is supported by advanced technology, strict capital management system and considerate services, TOKOK is dedicated to providing a world-class cryptocurrency exchange services.

Thank you
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