Ankr launches node hosting solutions for new partner IOST

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We continue our journey to bring user-friendly and affordable node hosting solutions to blockchain communities around the globe by partnering with a major player in the Chinese public blockchain space: IOST.

Our commitment to build infrastructure for deploying any blockchain node instantly distributed across the globe in just a few easy clicks, aligns with IOST’s mission in growing their global node ecosystem which to date has attracted over 400 nodes worldwide.

Ankr and IOST will leverage their mutual networks and communities to benefit the growth of the IOST node network and usage of Ankr’s node as-a-service solutions, enabling all community members to run an IOST node using Ankr and further secure and decentralize the IOST mainnet.

It is a great pleasure to work with Ankr, the first ever one-click blockchain node platform. Thanks to our partnership, it’s now easier and more convenient to become a Servi node on IOST. We are determined to make IOST a more accessible and decentralized public chain. said IOST Co-founder & CTO Terry Wang

How will Ankr benefit the IOST ecosystem?

Our purpose at Ankr is to take away any possible barriers for users to participate in any major blockchain network.To achieve this, we focus heavily on ease of use and affordable pricing of our node hosting solutions.

The Ankr node market offers over 40 different nodes.

We have developed a one-click node deployment application for IOST nodes, which is now available in our node market. This is the most straightforward and effortless way to set up an IOST full node and participate in the IOST network.

Once deployed, you will have access to an advanced but user-friendly interface where you can manage your node and the associated wallet. Any updates to the node will be automatically implemented by Ankr.

Our custom IOST node UI.

Participants can become a Servi node or a Partner node by staking tokens (this process is called voting) and start earning rewards from the IOST reward pool.

By utilizing idle resources from enterprise-grade data centers spread across 5 continents, we are able to provide hosting at much lower cost and more decentralized than centralized public cloud providers such as Amazon AWS and DigitalOcean.

Ankr provides the cheapest and easiest way to deploy and run an IOST node, at only 149.00 USD per month, with the same specs and a lot less manual work to set up and maintain the node. Moreover, the globally distributed nature of our servers instantly increases resilience and stability.

About IOST

​IOST is a blockchain application platform developed for online service providers, led by a team of seasoned blockchain professionals and backed by world-class investors with the mission to be the underlying architecture for the future of online services.

The IOST team is building an ultra-high TPS blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability needs of a decentralized economy. Through its powerful consensus algorithm “Proof-of-Believability,” IOST enables next-gen transaction throughput speeds while ensuring nodes stay compliant, using factors including IOST token balance, reputation-based token balance, network contributions and user behaviors.

Eventually IOST aims to provide a platform for third party developers, creators and enterprises by effectively developing community-owned networks.

The IOST node network consists of over 400 active nodes with the total number of votes exceeding 4.5 billion and staking 37.48% of the circulating supply of IOST tokens through a plethora of recognized partner nodes including Paradigm Fund, DappStats, Jetstream Wallet, HashQuark and many more.

How to deploy and run your IOST node on Ankr

We have made it as easy as possible to set up the node on our cloud platform, which is accessible on desktop as well as on mobile devices.

Just navigate to, select the IOST node and deploy it in a few simple clicks. Find a detailed step-by-step tutorial here.

We support payment in cryptocurrencies ANKR and USDT (both ERC-20) and credit card. For cryptocurrency payments, please make sure you have enough credit, at least 40.35 USD worth of tokens, in your account to start deploying the node and run it for a period of 8 days.

You can easily top up your wallet with ANKR tokens or USDT. Please always make sure to select the applicable wallet as your preferred payment method.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the admins in our official Telegram Node Support group.

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