KuChain Weekly Report #8

KuCoin Shares | 05.22| 12

Dear KuChain Community,

Life is always full of challenges. Please remember that every little thing makes sense, do something different, we will eventually approach our dream. Now, pack up your courage, curiosity and regret, hit the road to a colorful future.

Here come our developing progresses for the week:

  1. Basic Logic And Design

- Fixing query commands logic, improving Trx deserialization support

2. Module related logic

- Adding requireAuth verification to KuChain related commands

- Adjusting KuChain Asset numerical accuracy to 18 digits

- Improving distribution module related commands’ support for Name and Address

- Merging distribution module with maste, fixing the problems in testing

3. API and testing case support

- Migrating and testing tx related commands

- Improving assets related rest api

- Testing gov and staking module, improving documents

- Improving multi-node test chain script

- Testing distribution module related rest api, improving command document


KuChain emphasizes the core value of community first, aiming at a prosperous ecosystem jointly contributed, and the path of which will be collectively decided by the whole community. Come and join us at:


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