Shareable Asset App Launch Free Investment Reward Event

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Shareable Asset App Launch!

Shareable Asset app is a secure mobile and desktop application, that gives all investors equal access to high quality global real estate investments which were previously only accessible to sophisticated and institutional investors.

👉[SA App Launch Rewards Event]🎉

Download the app here and be the first to get the Free Investment Credits of 3GBP immediately.

👉Download here:

👉SA Reward Program:

👉How to participate in the event:

[Shareable Asset featured on Media]
Shareable Asset is featured in media to lead the democratisation of global asset ownership with real estate tokenisation.

With Shareable Asset platform, all investors will be able to easily manage their own investments in real estate anywhere, anytime.

👉Business Insider

👉Asia One

👉Yahoo Finance

FAQs about SA: How to invest in global real estate with SA?

Got a question? We’re here to answer!

Shareable Asset is Licensed by MAS

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