Ontology Weekly Report (May 13–19)

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What a fulfilling week! Each effort we put in today is getting us closer to where we want to be tomorrow.

Ontology has appeared in the Consensus: Distributed 2020, with our first-ever virtual booth and conducted a series of informative and educational webinars. Moreover, you can find Ontology in Reimagine 2020 and ANON summit.

On the other side, our tech and product teams were fully occupied with the upgrade of ONT ID, which means more amazing functions are coming up in ONTO soon!

This week’s keywords:

Consensus / ONT ID / Bounty / REIMAGINE 2020 / SAGA

- Completed the smart contract API optimizations
- Completed 90% of ONT ID development

Product Development
- Completed 90% of ONTO v2.9.2 development

- a total of 61 live Ontology dApps
- 5,312,626 total transactions, increased 23,003 over the week

Bounty Program
- New Bounty Program page is now available
- Collecting bounty ideas from the Ontology global community. 20+ ONG rewards are set for community members whose ideas are chosen
- Seeking Python SDK developers from the community

Community Growth
- The Ontology Vietnamese, Chinese, and Philippines communities have gained 355 new members

Newly Released
- Ontology now partners with Spherity, a German decentralized digital identity specialist to advance digital identity solutions, providing scope for the exploration of enterprise & product identity & cross-border supply chain identity use cases
- Announced the winners of #MyBitcoinStory campaign, 12 users have received ONG rewards

Global Events
- Ontology attended the online Consensus: Distributed and conducted a series of live webinars over the course of the week. These webinars gave both the Ontology community members and Consensus: Distributed attendees a unique opportunity to gain deeper insights into our high-performance enterprise blockchain and bespoke decentralized products — including the launch of our new product SAGA
- Erick PINOS, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Lead, and Edmond CONG, Ontology’s Senior Tech Lead were invited to REIMAGINE 2020. They will bring the latest Ontology 2.0 blockchain knowledge as well as an online course about “How to Build up Your First dApp on Ontology”
- Gloria WU, Ontology’s Chief of Global Ecosystem Partnerships, has been invited to join a panel at ANON Summit “Libra, China, Digital Programmable Euro: Getting Real about CBDC” with Prof. Philipp Sandner and others to further discuss the similarity & difference between China’s national digital currency DCEP & CBDC

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