Roadmap 1H 2020 Revised

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On January 15th, we released the roadmap for 1H 2020. Soon after, the pandemic swept through the world, causing the chaos none of us were prepared for. At TTC Foundation, we had to adapt quickly to survive and thrive in this fast-changing environment. After hours of discussions, we revised our game plan and here they are.

This quarter, our focus is on Acorn Protocol and Tigris Protocol, adjusting them both for the Networked Economy. We are doing our bests to deliver the results by the end of 2Q.

Acorn Protocol — Updates

Acorn Protocol, initially launched under the vision of ‘Redefining the Social Network’, will undergo 2 major updates this quarter.

1. Concept Expansion

Acorn Protocol will be evolved into the Networked Economy Protocol (from Social Networking Protocol). In a nutshell, if Acorn Protocol covered the values created only within social networks, it will cover the values created from all online activities. We aim to build a networked economy system where anyone can generate certain value online and earn the rightful rewards in return with full transparency.

The new Acorn Protocol will be first implemented on a few beta DAPPs by June 2020 and will launch officially by the end of 2H 2020. This change will not affect the on-going beta testing with tata and partnership among Acorn Alliances.

2. Birth of WorkBox, the Crowdwork Platform

We are building ‘WorkBox’, a platform where everyone can create value through the internet and earn the rewards in return, in real-time. WorkBox will initially provide the data collection/annotation service for AI and Machine Learning (ML) projects.

WorkBox will realize a highly efficient yet low-cost service, combining the benefits of Micropayments, Instant Payment and Smart Contract of TTC blockchain, with following features:

  • Anyone can participate anywhere and anytime
  • The quality of the final works ensured by the consensus mechanism
  • The rewards are distributed instantly with full transparency, by the Smart

WorkBox will handle a large quantity of data in a short period for the clients while providing a new way of making money to participants around the world.

We will launch and run the beta version of WorkBox with selected partners by the end of May. During the beta test, Acorn Box users will be able to participate and earn rewards. We plan to launch the official version by the end of June.

Tigirs Protocol — Updates

Tigris Protocol will undergo three updates in Q2 2020.

1. TDEX 1.0

TDEX, a decentralized exchange launched in 2019, will launch officially, after months of beta testing, as a member of the Tigris Protocol family.

We will introduce the ‘Trading Fee’ with the official launch. A portion of each successful TDEX trade will be collected and transferred to the Tigris Reserve, increasing its stability. We will explain the details on the trading fee soon through a separate announcement.

2. CFiat Staking Service

We plan to launch a staking service for CFiat, stable coins generated by Tigris Protocol. We believe that CFiat Staking Service will help new users to experience the DeFi services without much friction.

CFiat Staking Service will open first in Acorn Box (along with WorkBox) so that WorkBox participants can stake their rewards to generate interest. We believe that it will promote users to keep their assets within TTC wallets as well.

CFiat Staking Service will open in TTC Connect after the testing period.

3. Instant Swap

We are launching Instant Swap, a service (as the name indicates) that swaps coins and tokens in both Acorn Box and TTC Connect, instantly. Instant Swap will handle all the trading through TDEX, providing an organic increase of liquidity in the ecosystem.

With Instant Swap, services and projects running on different tokens can work together seamlessly. Also, TTC Pay can offer various payment options (e.g. a payment paid in TTC can be settled in ACN).

We strongly believe in a synergy between the online value creation (Acorn Protocol) and the DeFi system (Tigris Protocol). Anyone with the internet can generate value through the Acorn Protocol and use the financial services on Tigris Protocol.

We imagine the world where more people and more services joining the Networked Economy, and the flywheel effect will only get stronger.


— TTC Foundation

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