Ontology Newly Launched a Decentralized Data Marketplace ‘SAGA’ at Consensus: Distributed

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We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our new product SAGA, a decentralized data marketplace designed to allow users to monetize and acquire data in a trusted, standardized, and cost-effective way.

As well as participating in the flagship event through the Ontology Virtual Booth, the Ontology team has prepared a series of webinars that will be rolled out throughout the week. At today’s webinar, Ontology experts Hu Ning, Senior Tech Lead for Digital Identity, and Will Liu, Head of SAGA at Ontology, shared the news of Ontology’s new product offering. The team also offered webinar attendees the opportunity to gain deep insights into the high-performance blockchain and the role it’s playing in helping the SAGA data marketplace achieve its goals. To watch the full webinar on YouTube, click on the video below.

The SAGA data marketplace is powered by a complete data interaction protocol based on the Ontology public chain, a world-leading public chain with 200,000+ users and 100+ eco-partners. The process of data valuation, profit sharing, data security, and privacy protection is fully decentralized through the Ontology blockchain. Individuals and companies using the SAGA data marketplace can benefit from raw data and data processing services and insights while maintaining full control over their data by leveraging the unique features of the Ontology public blockchain.

Following SAGA’s verification processes, companies are authorized to purchase data stored on the SAGA platform. SAGA is committed to ensuring all data acquired is in full compliance with regulations. The platform operates with the utmost care when requesting sensitive data from individuals. In addition, SAGA offers multiple secure data analysis and processing services.

Ontology’s unique digital identity and data collaboration products assist the SAGA marketplace in its important goal of ensuring high security and compliance. Through Ontology’s Distributed Data Exchange Network and the ONT ID, the SAGA data marketplace achieves:

  • Data ownership and authenticity verification
  • Data security and privacy protection
  • Peer to peer cross-platform data trading technology

Taking place for the duration of Consensus: Distributed 2020, Ontology’s daily webinars are designed to give Ontology community members, as well as Consensus: Distributed attendees, a chance to gain insights into Ontology’s high-performance enterprise blockchain and its bespoke decentralized products. Each day this week, our experts will be on hand to share their expertise on a different Ontology-related topic.

For more updates on Ontology’s online events and to sign-up for webinars taking place all week, click here.

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