Ontology Weekly Report (May 7–12)

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The big event for Ontology this week is Consensus Distributed. Pay close attention to our Twitter @OntologyNetwork and you’ll find five online webinars by Ontology’s experts full of useful information!

This week’s keywords:

Consensus / #MyBitcoinStory / Wall of Memories / Staking models


- Completed 60% of smart contract API optimizations

- Completed 70% of ONT ID development

Product Development

ONTO v2.9.1 release

- Wall of Memories, as an upgraded version of Wishing Wall, has been made available on ONTO, with the function of on-chain record


- 61 total live Ontology dApps

- 5,289,623 total transactions, an increase of 12,133 transactions

Bounty Program

- Collecting bounty ideas from the Ontology global community. 20+ ONG is ready for the community members whose advice is adopted

- Seeking Python SDK developers from the community

- Newly added one application for the Technical Documentation Translation task

Community Growth

- The Ontology Bangladesh, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and German communities have gained 421 new members

Newly Released

- Calling all the Ontology community members to vote & submit suggestions by May 31 to improve Ontology’s governance & staking model. 10,000 ONG rewards are ready for voters who have voted and also submitted effective suggestions that are adopted by the team

- #MyBitcoinStory was launched in the lead-up to the Bitcoin Halving event on May 12th. Users can share their Bitcoin Story on the #MyBitcoinStory section via Wall of Memories on ONTO in any mainstream language before May 15 (UTC) and win ONG rewards

Global Events

- Ontology was invited to the Consensus Distributed, which is virtual for the first time and free to all the users. On top of the virtual booth, the Ontology team has prepared full informative and educational webinars on YouTube each day during the Consensus 2020. The webinars will focus on ONT ID, ONTO, SAGA, etc. It is also the first show for SAGA worldwide

- John Izaguirre, Ontology’s Europe Ecosystem Lead was invited to the “The Road to Metamorphosis” online conference and delivered a speech on “how Ontology is working towards true decentralization”. Meanwhile, John was invited to the ChangeNOW AMA and answered questions from European users

- Morio Katayama, Ontology’s Japanese Community Operation Manager was invited to the online webinar by BINARYSTAR. As the only speaker in this event, Morio introduced Ontology’s technologies and ecosystem. The webinar has attracted 122 participants, 20% of whom are senior executives from different enterprises, which will increase Ontology’s influence in Japan market.

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