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In lead-up to the coming Bitcoin halving event this May 12th, 2020, as the most influential global cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization and the most token holders, the Bitcoin halving has already been receiving a lot of attention.

Most ONTO users hold various cryptocurrencies and pay close attention to this halving event. The majority of them got to know blockchain because of Bitcoin, have or had Bitcoin for a while, and each has a unique story with Bitcoin.

Therefore, the ONTO team will launch a special event during this historic moment:#MyBitcoinStory on ONTO.


00.00 May 9 – 23.59 May 15 (UTC)


Share your Bitcoin Story on the #MyBitcoinStory section on ONTO via ONTO Wall of Memories in any mainstream language.


>Best Stories

  • 1st — 2nd: 100 ONG each
  • 3rd—7th: 50 ONG each

Top 7 most authentic, concise, and high-quality Bitcoin stories will be selected by the Ontology team and be awarded in accordance with the ranking.

>Most Popular

  • 1st-5th: 30 ONG each

Top 5 users who receive most likes for their Bitcoin Stories will be awarded 30 ONG each.

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