ABCI Compatibility: What does it mean for Fantom?

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This week, we announced ABCI compatibility for our Lachesis consensus engine — a milestone that we’ve been working towards since the launch of our Opera mainnet in December. The achievement unlocks several opportunities for Fantom in the consensus-as-a-service (CaaS) space — lower barriers and costs to deployment provide integrators with confidence and flexibility when implementing Lachesis as their chosen consensus.

What is ABCI?

The Application BlockChain Interface (ABCI) decouples the consensus engine from the rest of an application. Developers often work in different programming languages according to personal preference, but without ABCI compatibility they are forced to adjust. As ever, forcing people to move away from their favored practices creates friction and reduces adoption.

The offering will increase adoption of Fantom technologies as industry partners and developers can make use of our aBFT consensus in their applications by merely ‘plugging it in’.

Blockchain service providers relieve themselves of having to build and maintain their own consensus engine. Instead, they can outsource the continued research and development to us and focus on their businesses operations.

What it means for the Fantom Foundation

We offer Lachesis aBFT consensus as a standalone product: Any project, whether a new blockchain or a private deployment of distributed ledger technology, can plug Lachesis into their technology stack effortlessly and benefit from fast, scalable solutions.

We extend an invitation to any application currently using Tendermint to trial Lachesis for increased performance — our developer team are happy to offer support.

What it means for FTM token utility

The new extension to consensus-as-a-service brings enormous benefits to FTM token holders.

Visibility, awareness and validation are all improved by the use of Lachesis in more applications. Accessibility to developers is consistent with our goal to make Fantom the go-to name for advanced consensus — anybody creating a new blockchain-based product will be able to import Lachesis immediately. Integration is simple, allowing our development team the time to continue making strides to cement our place as a world-leading provider of blockchain technology.

Where projects lack sufficient developer resources, or the ability to disseminate their token to a sufficiently distributed base of holders to ensure decentralization, they may opt to maintain the default reliance on FTM for network security. Several mainnets supporting FTM staking increases the tangible utility of the token.

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