Ontology Weekly Report (May 1–6)

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Hi everybody, we are so pleased to see you again in May. We hope you have a great rest of the month.

The keywords for this week are:

Layer 2/Celo/Web 3.0/ONT Score/Messari


- Completed 40% of smart contract API optimizations
- Completed optimistic rollup’s minimized realization for Layer 2

Product Development
- Newly added ONT score function, which can be used for on-chain special access and bonuses. The score will reflect the user’s regulation directly. ONT score will also let users access special features of certain dApps and participate in all kinds of campaigns in ONTO
- Newly added the ONT Health Code function

- 61 total live Ontology dApps
- 5,277,490 total transactions

Bounty Program
- Added 2 new applications for Technical Documentation Translations

Community Growth
- The Ontology Spanish, Philippines, Russian and Chinese communities have gained 223 new members

Newly Released
- Ontology has officially joined the Celo Foundation- Alliance for Prosperity, a mission-aligned network of organizations fostering social impact & financial inclusion through the use of blockchain technology to build mobile-friendly financial tools on Celo
- With 11 Members of Congress writing to the Treasury Secretary, Erick Pinos, Ontology’s Americas Ecosystem Lead, shared the value of blockchain-based payments on Forbes. Meanwhile, Erick shared his insights with Decrypt on the reasons why Web 3.0 has yet to sweep in to save the day and the shortcomings of centralized apps. As a backbone of Web 3.0, Ontology DID plays a vital role in making it all possible
- “Ontology is the blockchain on a ready rise to the top.” Neil C. Hughes commented after talking with Erick Pinos on The Tech Talk Daily, where tech leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and celebrities around 165 countries have been interviewed, including the CEO of Twitter

Global Events
- Launched the #MyONTScore event to celebrate the launch of ONT Score on ONTO v2.9.0. Users can now improve their ONT Score and show their credit record with ONT Score across the Ontology ecosystem, based on users’ identity, on-chain assets and off-chain trusted information
- Ontology is delighted to be featured by the well-known market intelligence platform Messari again, with Li Jun, Founder of Ontology, interviewed by Ryan Selkis, the Founder of Messari
- Emilio Fernandez Reyes, Ontology’s Spanish admin, was invited to the Binance Spanish’s online roundtable campaign. While there, he introduced Ontology 2020 updates to the Spanish community, including the establishment of new GCC nodes, cooperation with Bitsa Card, and the news that a Spanish version of ONTO will be available soon

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