Share your ONT Score and win Rich ONG Rewards!

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In this fast-paced society, credit/reputation has become an important index in business cooperation. Credit scoring can even decide if we want to interact with other individuals or users. In light of this, ONT Score is now launched on Ontology comprehensive mobile client ONTO’s latest version 2.9.0, bringing users a new credit scoring experience.

Share your ONT Score and win rich ONG rewards!


00.00 May 6 to 23.59 May 10 (UTC)


  1. Follow us on Twitter
  2. Upgrade your ONTO to the latest v2.9.0, try out the ONT Score and take a screenshot of your ONT Score on ONTO
  3. Post the screenshot on Twitter, @three friends, and tag #MyONTScore and $ONT
  4. Fill in the Google form


>>Block Height Rewards

After 23.59 on May 10 (UTC), when the block height on the Ontology blockchain reaches 8,298,888, this block hash will be deemed as a reward voucher.

Three participants whose ONT Scores are closest to the results of “the last 3 numbers of the hash for block height 8,298,888 + 400”, will be rewarded 500, 300, and 100 ONG respectively.

If two of the three participants share the same result, then we will sort the winners according to the earlier post time.

For instance, if the hash for block height 8,298,888 is:


The last three numbers for this hash is 242, users whose ONT Score is the closest to 242+400=642 will win the ONG rewards according to the proximity.

>>Lucky Prize

The Ontology team will pick 5 users whose ONT Score is above 500 randomly and give out 50 ONG rewards.

The ONT Score is subjected to the ONT Score in the screenshot submitted in the Google form.

Rewards Distribution Time:

May 13th (UTC)

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