Technical Update 20

Fantom | 04.24| 141

Fantom has continued to develop additional functionality and security to the network; for example, by extending our work to make Lachesis ABCI-compatible. This will allow Lachesis to have Tendermint-like functionality with the ability to plug into different services, thereby offering Lachesis as Consensus-as-a-service.


R1: Users can submit transactions into any node’s transaction pool.
R2: A node can pick txns from its own pool and generate new event block.
R3: A node can send its own event block to any peer node of the network.
R4: Removed the restrictions of event emission rate.
R7: Disabled the fork mechanics.
R9: Removed free gas parents (we won’t need gas and fees in a testing environment, as we are measuring tx performance).

All changes are merged to develop —

Added new functionality to the existing evmcore. TxPool is a sheet, which has marks that this transaction is private. We need to not send marked transactions to gossip.ProtocolManager

Duplicated all methods of sending transactions by methods with the addition of this mark (ethapi and the console)

Make sure that emitter receives private transactions without timeout

  • Upgraded the public testnet (with 3 nodes) to v0.6.0-rc2 from v0.6.0-rc1, and upgraded the SFC as well

New Fantom Wallet

Our new official Fantom Wallet, which we’re building as a Progressive Web Application (PWA), is nearing completion. It will have built-in Ledger support. The application with be downloadable as a desktop or mobile wallet, and will also be available as a web wallet.

The repositories related to the PWA wallet are:

  1. fantom-api-graphql:
  2. Fantom_LedgerJS:
  3. fantom-metamask:
  4. fantom-ui:
  • Modified GraphQL API to be compatible with new PWA wallet:
  • Completed Ledger App development. Currently in the process of connecting it to the PWA wallet.


  • Produced technical research paper on implementing governance contract as the owner of SFC, where Fantom token holders and validators can vote on changes to the SFC (details to be made public in time)
  • Began development of general principals related to governance voting:
  • Published paper on arXiv “OV: Validity-based Optimistic Smart Contracts”; describes a programming language that may allow for the execution of smart contracts with increased speed and security:

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