MBL Media Developing Film Adaptation Of ‘Nullaboo Hullabaloo’ Book

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MBL Media has secured the film rights to children’s book Nullaboo Hullabaloo by Fleur Ferris. Nullaboo Hullabaloo will be developed as an international collaboration between the U.S., South Korea and Australia. Producers are Ahn, Ferris, and Continuance Pictures’ Tristan Barr and David Gim.

“It’s a fun, magical, action-adventure story that shows what could happen if fairies were discovered, but it also so much more. This story shows how dangerous one ill-intended person can be to the masses if they are in a position of influence,” said Ferris.

The deal was brokered by Ahn, through MBL Media (South Korea), with Tara Wynne at literary agency Curtis Brown Ltd. on behalf of Ferris. Astro-Nomical Ent., which Ahn co-founded with fellow animation veteran Chris Henderson, will be closely involved in the development and production of Nullaboo Hullabaloo as a sister company of MBL.

“There couldn’t be a more timely piece for the world with the current state of affairs,” said Ahn. “Not only from creative and production perspective but also from distribution and marketing perspective, I want to bring it up to a different dimension”.

“As the productions of our live-action have slowed with the emergence of COVID 19, we are excited to be taking a different direction in the safe hands of Jay Ahn,” remarked Barr.

“This is the first of many Korean projects I plan to bring to Australia as there is an untapped market of quality practitioners,” added Gim.

Through this exclusive film rights, MBL Media is expected to lead the production, story and design development of fantasy action genre contents not only in Korea but also in the West with Hollywood partners, and to produce works that will be successful not only in Asia but also in overseas markets. Please stay tuned for more updates and support Moviebloc.

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