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It is already one month ago since we have started our node hosting campaign with LTO Network and it has been quite successful so far!

In this article we would like to recap what we have achieved together, and update you about the next steps to take to make sure all nodes keeps running and participants receive the maximum rewards from the LTO incentive pool!

After the initial announcement at the Blockchain Beyond the Hype event in Amsterdam, the start date of the campaign was set at March 23rd 2020, which means that all registered LTO Full nodes that were up and running on Ankr at that moment were eligible for rewards.

LTO committed a reward pool of 100,000 LTO tokens for all nodes running on Ankr for at least one month. The total reward pool will be distributed over the three months running period of the campaign. Ankr also provided the first month of hosting for free in the form of an airdrop in Ankr tokens. Read all about the campaign here.

On March 23rd, 55 LTO Full nodes running on Ankr registered and entered the campaign. This event increased the number of LTO Full nodes by almost 100%!

LTO leased the tokens from the reward pool to all participating nodes, which resulted in 1,818 LTO tokens delegated per node. These tokens are to be unlocked over the total campaign period of 3 months.

To cover the first month of hosting cost, Ankr credited the accounts of all participants with 10 USD worth of ANKR Native tokens.

Rewards and more rewards!

Earlier this week, LTO has distributed the first portion of rewards among all participating nodes that met all the criteria. Each LTO node received ±800 LTO tokens in their wallet, which are now free to transfer, but can also be used to increase the stake of your node. You can easily lease the unlocked LTO tokens and increase your staking rewards here.

To be eligible for the next round of token rewards, and also share in the remaining LTO tokens at the end of the event (tokens which were initially delegated to nodes who don’t keep running the full 3 months), you need to make sure that your Ankr account has enough credits to pay for hosting fees of the next month(s).

Hosting an LTO Full node on Ankr costs only 9 USD per month, which can per paid in ANKR tokens or USDT. Please note that Ankr implemented a pay-as-you-go system, which is subject to price volatility of the Ankr token on the market. You can use USDT as an alternative payment method, to rule out price fluctuations.

How to credit your account?

To make sure your LTO node keeps running and receiving rewards, you can deposit ANKR ERC-20 tokens or USDT to the wallet associated with your account. You can access your deposit address by clicking the wallet icon on the upper-right of the page in our web application.

Make sure you switch your payment method!

As we have provided the initial credit to your account in Ankr Native tokens, you need to switch your payment method from Ankr to the wallet type you have funded (Ankr ERC-20 or USDT)! This is necessary to start billing your hosting fee from the correct (funded) wallet!

If you have any questions, please join our official Ankr Node Support group

Thank you for joining us on this journey so far!

Ankr Team and LTO Network Team

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