Fantom Discord AMA

Fantom | 04.21| 98

By Michael Chen

With the recent updates in regards to the foundation, the technology, and the ecosystem, we’ve been itching to do a Q&A round with the community. It’s been a while since we’ve done an AMA in our official Discord Group, so we’re hereby kicking off the recurring monthly AMA with the Fantom team on Wednesday, the 22nd of April.

To make sure that the team can collect the right data internally from all the departments that will be relevant to the topics of discussion, we suggest that our community members submit ideas on Twitter so that we can poll what people want to know about the foundation.


  • Michael Kong, Chief Information Officer
  • Michael Chen, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Simone Pomposi, Marketing Manager
  • Connor Hughes, Marketing Manager
  • Jakub Stepanik, Founder at GoFantom


12 PM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), 22nd of April 2020.

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