Ontology Financial Report (Dec 2019-Mar 2020)

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Further to the previous November update of the Ontology Foundation Fund usage last year, we are pleased to present the latest Ontology Foundation Foundation Financial Report. This report covers the period from December 2019 to March 2020.

I. Usage of the Ontology Foundation Fund

During this period, the Fund is mainly used to cover the core team’s personnel costs, operating costs and staking rewards as disclosed below:

II. Usage of the Ontology Ecosystem Fund


The below table shows the status of the Ontology Ecosystem Fund investments, which are used to support project incubation, security infrastructure, and fiat currency gateway.

V. Total Assets Managed by the Ontology Foundation and Related Development Entities

The total assets managed by Ontology consist of the following three parts: ONT assets, crypto assets, and fiat assets. More details are displayed as follows (Calculated based on the currency rate dated March 31th,2020 on Coinmarketcap):

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