Use Case: Smart Medicine, Authenticated and Verified by Fantom

Fantom | 04.14| 100

Video by Samuel Harcourt

As big believers of the theory that people will only adopt the technology if we set the right example, we’ve been looking into deploying a solution on top of our consensus-as-a-service platform and Opera mainnet that illustrates its reliability. After looking within our existing business development efforts, we decided to pursue the avenue of smart medicine, as we already have in Afghanistan with the Ministry of Health and its healthcare sector that spans across the Middle-East.

With the outbreak of COVID19, and the increasing amount of seizures in regards to antivirals and chloroquine at international borders, we’ve been looking to expand the smart medicine solution to be a showcase of not only Fantom technology, but the value of blockchain technology in general.

Learn more about the smart medicine solution in the video down below.

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