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We’re pleased to publish the latest of our biweekly general update with the highlights from the last two weeks. While the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt around the world, our technical development has been unaffected. The disruption to our business development has been minimal, owing to a decentralized company structure already working independently and from home.

Fantom Integrates Chainlink

We announced that we’d be integrating Chainlink as the official oracle solution for Fantom-based networks. Following the announcement of a similar integration with Band Protocol, developers will have access to multiple options when building dApps, resulting in not only decentralization of oracles but also oracle providers. Any isolated issues at the oracle provider level would not compromise the security of funds managed by these dApps.

We’re excited to be working closely with the Chainlink team to get the integration completed and find ways to push the boundaries of what’s possible with decentralized networks; in DeFi and beyond.

Read more about the integration here!

Fantom Roadmap Q1 2020 Summary

Our 2020 roadmap included several technical and business development goals for each quarter; we’ve been successful in completing the majority of Q1’s targets. Improvements to validator metrics,’s site launch and increased wallet security are some of the tasks completed, while Metamask functionality is currently being worked on by GoFantom and those projects in Afghanistan that have been impacted by coronavirus will resume once the relevant government ministries have been re-opened.

The full summary of the quarter is worth reading in full!

Fantom Technical Update 19

We’ve also made a running start on the technical development in Q2, with Michael Kong delivering exciting updates in Technical Update 19:

  • All validators have upgraded to the latest version of Go-lachesis ready for the upcoming major SFC upgrade
  • Continued work on making Go-lachesis ABCI-compatible
  • Significant progress on Ledger support for the official Fantom Wallets
  • Continued work on Metamask-like functionality for Fantom’s Opera network

See the last biweekly edition in full here!

We’re looking forward to building further functionality detailed in the 2020 roadmap, with Q2 being especially exciting. Check back in one week for our next technical update!

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