Nucleus Vision — Spearheading Retail Experience Transformation Through Innovation

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Nucleus Vision — Spearheading Retail Experience Transformation Through Innovation

Nucleus Vision brings forth cutting-edge technologies to create a customer-centric shopping experience. By partnering with several retail industry giants, Nucleus Vision has expanded its customer access network to more than 688 million users in the subcontinent region. Nucleus Vision is currently serving more than a million customers a year.

It has been an exciting and challenging journey for Nucleus Vision. The team is closely observing the changing patterns of customer behaviour and creating innovative solutions to meet the needs of retailers. Here’s an account of how the company is spearheading the revolution in the retail industry.

4G-enabled ION Sensor:

In a move towards building a network agnostic ecosystem, Nucleus Vision launched 4G-enabled ION sensors. Being capable of detecting store visitors that are using 4G mobile networks, along with the ones that are on 3G & 2G, the new sensors are bringing in more people into the ION sensor’s coverage.

The 4G-enabled sensors perform ten times faster than the earlier ones and use an IoT-friendly LTE module that runs on lower power. Thus, the lifetime of the battery is increased by up to 10 years and maintenance cost is reduced tremendously.

The Mobile Economy 2018 report by GSMA projects that the number of global 4G connections will increase from 29% in 2017 to 53% in 2025. Evidently, the 4G enabled sensors will enable our retail partners to serve a vast customer base better with more faster and accurate insights into the shoppers.

Retailer dashboard:

Enabling retailers to precisely measure the key performance indicators in real-time, Nucleus Vision launched a dashboard. Retailers can gauge the metrics that include footfall trends, average dwell time, conversion rate, basket size, campaign efficacy, and revenue.

Real-time personalized communication in the store plays a major role in turning new customers into loyal customers and retaining customers. By using a smart analytics engine, Nucleus Vision allows retailers to analyze the shopping behaviour of customers and assign a unique RFM score to each customer. This score helps retailers run targeted campaigns and to increase a loyal customer base.

Explore the dashboard here:

Leading the Blockchain Revolution

The blockchain space is dynamic and progressive. Nucleus Vision has always been at the forefront of the movement to drive the mass-adoption of this emerging technology by bringing industry leaders onto one stage. Catch a glimpse of team Nucleus Vision at such global conferences happened in 2019:

Binance blockchain week:

Starfleet Meetup:

Genesis DevCon:

New Partner Onboard:

Indian clothing retail chain Arvind Fashions Limited partnered with Nucleus Vision to explore new ways to understand their customers better. Arvind, a licensee of numerous international fashion brands, signed an MoU with Nucleus Vision to initiate a pilot project aiming to offer a personalized experience to their shoppers.

Personalization plays a major role in the gigantic market as 63% of Indian consumers prefer personalized experience, according to a report by Forrester-Epsilon. Through this association with Nucleus Vision, Arvind Fashions Limited could offer its consumers a more personalized retail shopping experience.

Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) network:

Nucleus Vision launched the Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) network at Genesis DevCon in November 2019. The blockchain-based network creates immutable records of customer consent and data, giving power to users to control who can access their data. The blockchain network currently has five active nodes and executes smart contracts when users enable or disable permissions to a business in the Nucleus Vision ecosystem.

Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, launching the GIDC Blockchain Network at Genesis DevCon

User data privacy and security have always been at the core of the Nucleus Vision platform. The new blockchain-based consent network allows users to enable and disable permissions on demand. Based on their consent, the network executes smart contracts to control data exchange between the parties in the ecosystem.

Sharing Knowledge

To help retailers stay abreast of the latest industry trends, industry leaders at Nucleus Vision shared their knowledge through articles on our medium channel. Here are some of the most liked articles from our knowledge bank.

Nucleus Vision on Social Media:

Nucleus Vision created one of the most engaging communities in the blockchain space. Here is the amount of love received on social media in numbers.

13,000 likes received

93,000,000 impressions earned

4000 times retweeted

The recent inventions and partnerships have enabled Nucleus Vision to gain steam and the company is now making agile steps towards revolutionizing the retail industry. To get quick updates from Nucleus Vision, stay connected:

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