Nucleus Vision: Roundup — November 2019

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Nucleus Vision: Roundup — November 2019

Message to the Community

I would first extend my thanks to everyone for supporting Nucleus Vision and the team. Dimensions of the global retail sector are rapidly changing as the buying capacity of consumers is increasing and competition is getting more aggressive. At Nucleus Vision, we are making agile steps to grab every opportunity that this current trend has to offer. Falling right in line with this strategy is the launch of several innovative solutions — the deterministic retail attribution system, network-agnostic Single Sign-On system, and the Global Identity and Consent Blockchain network. I am very sure these inventions strengthen our position as a leader in the retail-tech industry.
With decisive steps in every aspect, we are making continuous progress and I am looking forward to sharing more exciting updates with the community.
- Abhishek Pitti (CEO, Nucleus Vision)

Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network:

Nucleus Vision launched Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network to store user permissions for data exchange. Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, officially announced the launch of this private blockchain network at Genesis DevCon, a technology conference that happened in Bengaluru, India.

Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, announces GIDC Blockchain Network at Genesis DevCon

Data privacy and security are two core principles of Nucleus Vision and the GIDC Network gives power to users to control who can access their shopping preferences and behavioral data. This signifies a major breakthrough in building a foolproof data network for brick-and-mortar businesses.

Read more about the Global Identity and Consent Network:

Nucleus Vision Launches Global Identity and Consent (GIDC) Blockchain Network

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Genesis DevCon:

India’s Silicon Valley, Bengaluru, hosted a blockchain technology conference called Genesis DevCon at the Indian Institute of Science on 24, 25 November. The two-day event attracted blockchain entrepreneurs and developers from around the world. Team Nucleus Vision at Genesis DevCon met many blockchain aficionados and explained how Nucleus Vision’s solution poises to bring tremendous changes in the retail landscape.

i. Best Practices to Use Blockchain for the IoT — Tech Talk by Avinash Pitti

In the wake of rising concerns over data security, Blockchain comes as the savior of the best interests of consumers. Avinash Pitti, CTO of Nucleus Vision, spoke about the use cases for Blockchain in the IoT in his tech talk at Genesis DevCon. He also took the attendees through the best practices that are being followed by global enterprises.

Avinash Pitti presents a tech talk at Genesis DevCon

ii. Creating the Google of the Offline World — Tech Talk by Abhishek Pitti

Abhishek Pitti, CEO of Nucleus Vision, expounded on how the company has created a prominent use-case for blockchain in the retail industry and aims to be the Google of the offline retail world. He also shared the growth story of Nucleus Vision with an excited audience.

Abhishek Pitti presents the growth trajectory of Nucleus Vision to the delegates at Genesis DevCon

iii. Avinash Pitti in Panel Discussion

On the second day of Genesis DevCon, Avinash Pitti joined Archana Ramakrishnan (Director — Innovation, Conduent Labs), Sukriti Jalali (Head — IoT & Blockchain, TCS), and Munir Mohammed (Senior Programme Manager, IEEE) to discuss the utility of Blockchain in the IoT space. Avinash put across how blockchain could make the IoT ecosystem secure through immutability. He also weighed in on some real-world products that combine Blockchain and the IoT.

Avinash Pitti in a panel discussion at Genesis DevCon

Network-agnostic Single Sign-on System (SSO) by Nucleus Vision

Nucleus Vision launched the patented technological solution, Network-agnostic Single Sign-on System (SSO). The solution is an alternative for the existing OTP-based verification that exacerbates login experience and also increases operating expenses for businesses. The proprietary SSO system also poises to put an end to password fatigue in online users by eliminating difficult passwords.

Read more about the proprietary Single sign-on system:

Network-agnostic Single Sign-On System: New Patented Technology from Nucleus Vision

Watch Nucleus Vision CTO, Avinash Pitti, take the community through the Single Sign-on system:

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Starfleet India Hyderabad Meetup

Avinash Pitti speaks at Starfleet India Hyderabad Meetup

IBC Media hosted Starfleet India Hyderabad Meetup leading up to the blockchain technology conference, Genesis DevCon. Nucleus Vision CTO Avinash Pitti took part in a panel discussion on ‘Building Blockchain products in India’.

The right time is NOW to build your product. Understand the problem you’re going to solve clearly and identify if you really need Blockchain. Never stick to the product… work on problems and find solutions. — Avinash Pitti

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