The Growth Story of Nucleus Vision in Q3 2019: What’s in Store?

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Nucleus Vision is making decisive moves towards its vision — a next-gen retail world where the offline and online worlds run in tandem to create the best customer experience. This journey wouldn’t be possible without the support of the vast global community of Nucleus Vision.

As part of the tradition to keep the community informed about the company’s progress, Abhishek Pitti (CEO, Nucleus Vision) shared several important updates through a video.

Here is everything you need to know from his address to the community:

Technology Developments

Nucleus Vision channels a substantial amount of its resources into research and development and applied for seven patents. So far, the company has been granted patent rights for two solutions — IoT-based O2O Attribution (Patent no. 10334426) and Single Sign-on (Patent No: 10397787), which will play a major role in creating a seamless retail customer experience.

To take the community through these groundbreaking solutions, Nucleus Vision will release more content through the official communication channels.

Telecom Integration

Beyond developing and selling an application, the core objective of the company is to build a robust data network that integrates telecom networks, retailers of all sizes, and a vast consumer base. To that end, Nucleus Vision has recently signed with one of the leading telecom operators in India, increasing the accessible user base to a substantial number.

The company will release more information on this partnership following the legal due diligence with our partners. To refresh your memory, Nucleus Vision also launched 4G-enabled ION Sensors earlier this year, covering all the three generations of telecom networks

Redesigning the official website

Nucleus Vision’s journey has been exciting, challenging and successful in connecting retailers, telecoms, and consumers through a data network. Soon, the company’s official website will come afresh to reflect this growth story and the road ahead. The new website will come with improved aesthetics and will feature more unique and new resources for the community and future partners to learn about Nucleus Vision’s solutions and services.

Business Expansion

Following a series of successful pilot projects with renowned retail brands the company is now entering into a commercial contract with two partners. The company will announce more details in this regard soon.

Along with brick and mortar stores, Nucleus Vision is entering and having serious discussions with shopping malls. The company has identified 157 shopping malls across India. These shopping malls accommodate 32,000 stores of 227 brands.

To keep up with this profound growth, Nucleus Vision is taking all necessary steps to ensure the procurement of ION sensors in the required numbers. The company has already procured 400 new sensors to set up in brand stores across the country and expecting 2000 more to arrive very soon.

You can watch the full video here:

There are so many exciting updates to come in the following weeks. Stay connected with Nucleus Vision to never miss a thing.

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