Ontology Weekly Report (April 1–7)

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Ontology has had a very fulfilling week of technical and community developments. We’ve made some new partners, launched multiple community campaigns, and shared our opinions and insights in several media interviews.

Below, you will find more information about our progress, including tech and product improvements, a remarkable growth in our global community, and a new card service that uses ONT and ONG.

  • Back-end

- Completed the DHT (decentralized hash table) protocol development

- Completed the code optimizations for the network layer

  • Product Development

ONTO v2.7.0 Release

- Released support for Non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces

- Currently undergoing the #MyFirstNFTonONTO campaign

- Received 400+ submissions from the Ontology global community

- 5000+ users took part in the lucky draw and 1,447 NFT medals were awarded

  • Explorer

- Completed Explorer v2.3.0 functionality, will go live soon


- 62 total live Ontology dApps

- 5,298,236 total transactions, representing an increase of 16,041 transactions

Bounty Program

- 1 new application for Technical Documentation Translation

Community Growth

- The Ontology Bangladesh community is growing rapidly, with a remarkable increase of 1,266 new members within one week

- The Ontology Vietnamese, Hindi, Turkish, Tagalog, Russian and others are also growing

- The Ontology Nigerian Community has been launched with designated community leaders

Newly Released

- Announced a strategic partnership with Moonstake. With this collaboration, more Japanese stakers will be attracted to delegate their ONT to the Moonstake platform

- Commentary provided by Erick Pinos, Americas Ecosystem Lead of Ontology, on Binance’s acquisition of CoinMarketCap, was featured in Cointelegraph

- In a new collaboration with Bitsa, users can now top up Bitsa cards with ONT and ONG. Integrated with Bitnovo, Bitsa enables users to make SEPA transfers, ATM cash withdrawals, and secure payments at any store around the world that supports Visa

Global Events

- Kicked off the Ontology NFT Medal Challenge 2020. Monthly NFT-related campaigns will be ran over the next 9 months. After completing monthly tasks, users will be eligible to redeem limited edition NFT medals. A complete collection of 9 medals will give users a key to open the ONTO 2020 Treasure Box

  • Launched a social campaign alongside Bibox with a total of 6,000 ONG rewards for the Ontology Russian community

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