Currently whole world is facing hard times.

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Currently whole world is facing hard times. A lot of people already died from COVID-19 infection, that’s why majority of countries declare quarantine. That is very important to stay at home if we want to fight with new virus. But on the other point of view, quarantine will lead us to serious economical consequences. Same as whole world, Prometeus labs had to work from home for a last month. But despite the fact that our activity slowed down for a little bit, we are still working hard to deliver everything that we promised before according to our roadmap, and even starting to work on additional product, that is going to be announced till the end of this month.

Despite of everything, we still have something, that we are able to show you. So lets move to our traditional monthly report.

Business development

  • Started to work on Rebranding;
  • Closed version of new Prometeus protocol website;
  • First version of Product Y UX/UI;
  • Pre-release version of Prometeus data mart/validator/explorer of UX/UI;

Technical updates

  • Prometeus Data Mart is now open for public testing. You can check it out here. Please follow instructions from our GitHub;
  • Finished integration with Bittorrent (BTFS). Now files can be stored on Bittorrent, which is utilizing Tron blockchain;
  • Released closed alpha version of Product Y (codename). More details will be announced later this month;
  • Start of integration of P2P messaging solution for Prometeus Data Mart (HOPR).

By the way, during last month we were mentioned in “biggest gainers” section of CryptoDiffer and Generation Crypto :)

Next month will be very important and rich month for prometeus. To stay tuned for updates, follow links below. Try to remain positive and stay at home, spend more time with your family or just rest for a bit. Safety and your health are most important things. Remember: pain is just temporary.

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