Fantom Technical Update 19

Fantom | 04.06| 116

Fantom’s technical team has continued to work as usual despite these challenging times around the world. Our development has not slowed, and we are pleased to report that almost all community nodes have been upgraded from 0.5.0-rc1 to the most recent upgrade, 0.6.0-rc2.


— basic_check: 93.2%
 — epoch_check: 100%
 — gas_power_check: 96.2%
 — heavy_check: 81.2%
 — parents_check: 91.7%

Go-lachesis as ABCI-Compatible




More commits can be found here:

Other Research and Development

  • A new website is under development with a friendly appearance showcasing more information about Fantom’s technologies, activities and accomplishments.
  • Continued weekly meetings with researchers at universities about their novel profiling tools and insights for smart contracts
  • Revised our manuscript of our new language for more secure smart contracts.

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