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Despite the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, which has unfortunately delayed some of our business development and partnership efforts, Fantom is open for business.

Where possible, events that Fantom team members were planning to attend and present us, will be done through virtual meetups.

Here are some of the updates over the past two weeks. More announcements are coming.

Band Protocol Collaboration

We announced a collaboration with Band Protocol to offer developers an option for decentralized oracles when building Dapps. Together, we’ve successfully integrated Band oracles onto Fantom’s public testnet to retrieve price feeds, and we’ll continue to work with the Band team to support their mainnet launch.

We also participated in two AMA’s with the Band team — one in our Discord server, and the other in their Telegram group. Check the #band-protocol-ama channel of the Fantom Discord to read through the AMA in one place.

Fantom Korea Update

The Fantom Korea team gave us their perspective on South Korea’s new cryptocurrency & blockchain regulation: an overview, the hurdles that face projects without dedicated Korean branches, and what it all means for Fantom.

Find out why we’re optimistic in the full article.

A new and improved API Server

The GoFantom arm of the team built a new high-performance GraphQL API, which can transmit information from the Opera network at lightning speed. Developers can focus on building their applications’ features rather than worrying about whether the API can handle as much throughput as the chain can.

Find the blog post here, and the full API documentation here.

Fantom Vision

GoFantom didn’t stop there — soon after they released Fantom Vision, the new explorer that uses the GraphQL API’s increased speed and performance, as well as adding new features.

See the blog post here to find out more.

Check out Fantom Vision for yourself!

Technical Update 18

In line with our new update schedule, Michael Kong released the latest technical update. Our focus has been on preparing for an upcoming SFC upgrade, efficiency improvements to Go-lachesis, investigating language extensions for more secure smart contracts (Solidity compatible), as well as the continued development of fUSD functions.

See what else we’ve been up to, and remember that the next edition will be in 7 days!

Quan Nguyen is now Fantom’s Chief Technology Officer!

Fantom is pleased to announce that Quan Nguyen is now our Chief Technology Officer (“CTO”)! Quan has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Sydney, specialising in solving graph visualization and networking problems. He has played a pivotal role in the research and development of Fantom’s consensus and middleware. He is also in charge of all things technology-related, and reviews Fantom’s team works, managing the tasks and requirements. Quan has demonstrated a lot of initiative, and is now our CTO.

You can find more about Quan’s background here.

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