Ankr presents: Support Covid-19 Research with BOINC Rosetta

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In these uncertain times we, like many of us, have asked ourselves what we can do to help? The Corona pandemic is affecting everyday life across the globe and more than ever our researchers need support in their work to find a cure.

One use-case in blockchain has been to provide charitable aid be it through providing resources where they are needed or helping the unbanked. The immutability, transparency and borderless character makes blockchain a great instrument for people to help other people around the world. One method of donating through blockchain is “Volunteer Computing”.

Volunteer computing

The BOINC project is the best-known and most advanced Volunteer Computing program out there. It is a non-profit distributed computing initiative from University of California, Berkeley, supported by the National Science Foundation. BOINC software makes it possible to contribute your compute power to cutting-edge science projects, such as studies on cancer research, diseases, global warming and many other types of scientific research.

Ankr and BOINC

Ankr and BOINC have been closely working together from the very start of the Ankr project in 2018 and the founder of the BOINC project, professor David P. Anderson was the very first advisor to Ankr and has provided us with great feedback in the early days about how the field of distributed computing evolved, what the future perspectives are and what problems we could be facing along the way.

Ankr supports BOINC with container based computing. As it does not require specific hardware we use software to ensure the security. We already deployed the BOINC client and BOINC server to our cloud testnet back in 2018 and now the application is available in our Node Market.

Fighting the Covid-19 virus with Rosetta

One of the scientific research projects available on the BOINC platform is Rosetta, an initiative of the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington, now dedicated to fighting the Covid-19 virus by applying knowledge gained from studying viral proteins to guide the design of novel vaccines and antiviral drugs.

Today, we present the easiest way for all of us to support the Rosetta project by collectively contributing compute power to their molecular modelling suite, which helps them speed up and expand their academic research.

You can find more details about the Rosetta project and their role in fighting Covid-19 here.

How can you help?

We have developed a one-click deployment solution to contribute your compute power via the BOINC platform. Here you can choose how much computational power you would like to donate and pay with cryptocurrency (ANKR or USDT, which can be obtained at for resources which are instantly available for Rosetta’s research.

Ankr provides all resources at cost-price to have the maximum capacity donated, while some of the biggest names of the blockchain industry, such as Binance, Harmony, Matic Network, LTO Network and VIte, are already contributing to this great initiative!

To help increase awareness around this non-profit initiative, we challenge all users to share a screenshot of your node on Twitter, adding the name of your node and tagging 5 friends with #AnkrAgainstCOVID. Eligible users will automatically participate in the lottery to win prizes up to 1,000,000 ANKR.

Lottery rules:

  • Deploy one or more BOINC Rosetta nodes on the Ankr platform before April 1st 2020
  • Follow @ankr on Twitter, retweet the announcement and share a screenshot of your node and tag at least 5 friends
  • Keep the node running until at least May 1st 2020

Please click here for a tutorial (including video) on how to contribute.

We at Ankr hope that the entire blockchain community can pull together at this difficult time and help to do all we can towards finding a solution and help save thousands of lives.

We truly appreciate your support and want to thank you in advance on behalf of Ankr and the Rosetta research team.

Links to BOINC and Rosetta

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