Ankr & BOINC Rosetta Tutorial: How to contribute to Covid-19 research

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to donate computing power to the Rosetta project for supporting COVID-19 research with the help of BOINC and Ankr.

For the video tutorial please click here.

Deploy Rosetta BOINC project on Ankr

1. We will presume that we already have an account on Ankr and we will begin by opening in and selecting the BOINC project card:

2. The Rosetta Project is relying mostly on CPU power, so if we want to contribute more, we can increase the number of cores from the Advanced Widget:

3. For the Select Cluster Option, we will use the recommended cluster, as the platform recommends the cluster that has the most freely available resources. In this particular case, the recommended cluster is Singapore cluster:

4. For the next step, in order to obtain the Account Key we need to create an account on the BOINC Rosetta Project, which will be explained in the next steps:

Create an account on BOINC Rosetta Project

We will follow this link to sign up for a new account:

You should end up on the following page:

Retrieve Account Key

1. After having successfully created an account, you can login following this link:

2. After logging in, you can head to this address: and click on View from Account Keys field:

3. You can observe your Account Key here:

Congratulations! You have successfully created a new Rosetta BOINC account and you have obtained your Account Key!

Now you can copy this Account Key and paste it into the Ankr Field:

Next, we will create an address for funding and we will make sure to deposit USDT or ANKR tokens (ERC-20). In order to obtain ANKR tokens we can buy from an exchange and after the funding was completed we will press Deploy Node:

Project Inspection

1. After the previous step, we will wait for the project to get Deployed:

2. Afterwards, we can see the Credit that was accumulated by sharing computing power and we can also see the Tasks that are being resolved by your deployed project. Also if we click on View, we can observe that our node is up on their official website as well:

3. We click on View from Computers on this account:

4. We can observe our machine that is connected and that it has 2 Cores, also we can see the tasks that are currently executing by clicking on Tasks:

5. We can observe that we have 2 Tasks currently running, 1 task for each CPU:

That was it, thank you for contributing to fighting Corona Virus!

People like you make the world a better place!

Links to BOINC and Rosetta

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