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We gathered opinions about the best strategic option for the project despite of the previously announced roadmap, and decided that it requires for some more time to derive better path for VANTA. To deliver the best scenario to all, the launch of the VANTA Mainnet has been postponed to the first quarter of 2020. We sincerely believe that it will be a decision for the benefit of the holders, and we will do our best to make it happen for all community members.

As the Mainnet schedule is changed, we will try to create an environment where many companies can actually run tests and apply VANTA SDKs on existing running Testnet(Panther). Furthermore we will try to ensure the stability and reliability of the network and make VANTA network to gain competitive position over other blockchain projects.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding that we would like to deliver the best quality and result possible, and we promise to try our best based on the trust and support that all community members have shown.

For entire roadmap from the beginning of the project, please visit VANTA official website via link below.

About VANTA Network

VANTA Network is a decentralized and permission-less network that ensures real-time, secure and private connectivity. Through VANTA Network, both individuals and enterprises can develop real-time data transmission services and commercialize those services at low costs. VANTA aims to be the first real-world business application of blockchain technology in the field of real-time communication.

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